Moreau, The Blue Train And The Bags Of F/W 2020

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Moreau, The Blue Train And The Bags Of F/W 2020

It was the story of a ballet which, in the 1920 brought together by Cocteau, Chanel and Picasso. Today, that is the inspiration behind the new collection from the house of Moreau!

In 1886 the “Calais-Méditerranée-Express” was inaugurated – a luxurious train which provided the link from North to South of France. Nicknamed the Blue Train for its blue and gold wagons, the Calais-Mediterranean-Express quickly exceeded the status of simple means of locomotion. Back on track in the 1920s, it was by this train that we got a taste for the joys of sport and outdoor activity in the glorious south!

In these wagons, Moreau trunks accompanied this new way of living and getting around. Undoubtedly, the Blue Train initiated a new way of life, and in particular that of spending its winters at the sea. Little wonder that the Blue Train then became an icon of art.

Le Train Bleu, Cocteau, Chanel and Picasso

Among the works inspired by the destinations of the Blue Train, subtitled “operetta dance”, brought together the biggest names of the past century and marked a number of firsts.

1924 – The ballet ‘Le Train Bleu’ was imagined from the libretto by Jean Cocteau. With the music of Darius Milhaud and the choreography of Bronislava Nijinska, Le Train Bleu was intended to be a satire of the hedonism of society in the 1920s.

A hedonism where Chanel fashion finds a simply natural echo. It is in perfect echo with the awakening of an adoration for sport and outdoor activities. Activities where the Chanel sewing of jersey and other sports materials accompany hedonists on the French Riviera. With Pablo Picasso in charge of canvases and decorations, you can imagine the impact of such a piece on the imagination of fashion and luxury.

And precisely, the ballet “Le Train Bleu”, inspired the Fall / Winter 2020 collection of the trunk maker who undoubtedly experienced it from the inside. The Moreau house, which was founded in 1882, knew how to accompany the era of these eminently solid and refined trunks!

The Moreau Bags of Autumn / Winter 2020

Fedor Georges Savchenko, the artistic director of the house of Moreau, drew on this common heritage to imagine a new collection of highly desirable bags.

Pieces of leather goods, cut from exceptional leathers which echo the wagons, woodwork and velvet walls of the iconic Blue Train.

It is in the sophistication of Victorian ceilings, chandeliers and the universe of the Blue Train that the lines of the new pieces from the house of Moreau can be read.

Exceptional pieces, without fashion, which also take on inspired shades. The colors Nénuphar and Cumin follow the wake of the Blue Train to recall, on the Nacelle bags and the Brégançon icon, the charm of the sunsets from the south of France, that of the olive trees of Provence and the lemons of Menton.

Other shades of blue, Izmir and Canard underline the sophistication and the passion of the Blue Train en route to the Mediterranean Sea. Daring colors, coupled with the soft but graphic curves of the Vicomte BB bag.

An invitation to travel, to discover the no less sumptuous boutique at 49, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.