Moët & Chandon, The Perfect Match

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Moët & Chandon, The Perfect Match

What to pair with Moët & Chandon champagne? The house donates its recipes for “The Perfect Match”.

What to pair with this Moët & Chandon champagne?

Refocusing on taste and excellence, is what drove the new approach of the house Moët & Chandon. The champagne favorite of Napoleon enjoyed indeed a thousand and one ways, but not just anyhow.

In order to guide the palate and provoke flights of taste, the house of Moët & Chandon now offers to follow its gastronomic guides in order to taste its champagne under the best auspices.

New recipes combining the flavors of champagnes – in the cellar of master Benoît Gouez as well as to the three-star Michelin Guide Chef, Yannick Alleno, that the house has entrusted its associations.

Aficionados of Moët Impérial are invited to follow these recipes.

Lovers of Rosé Impérial Moët will find themselves here. Where Benoît Gouez delivers an introduction to the art of champagne. Yannick Alleno reveals the secrets of a refined aperitif – to do at home, of course!

As for the Grand Vintage 2012, it is surprisingly savored around a simple pasta dish inevitably coupled with a secret sophistication.

Finally, the signature of the house, the Imperial 1869 Cocktail that requires a little special attention. To taste with a guacamole or…the answer is here.