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In 1948, Christian Dior decided to pay tribute to her sister, Catherine, by dedicating a unique scented perfume. The delicate fragrance draws its inspiration from the “Jardin de Granville” where the designer has spent his entire childhood. “Make me a fragrance that smells like love” says Christian Dior to his longtime friend Serge Heftler-Louiche. Miss Dior was born.

An elegant woody smell, a fresh fruity touch and some floral notes, Miss Dior sounds like a spring love pledge. The fragrance combines complex alchemy and unique expertise which, as a dress Haute Couture, makes it remarkable. Christian Dior used to say “a perfume is like an essential accessory to the feminine personality, it is like the finishing touch of a dress”.

In the past, the exquisite fragrance was curled up in a precious Baccarat crystal bottle which looked like an ancient amphorae. Thereafter, the elegant bottle was transformed, bearing the symbols particular to the Maison Dior. The scent is covered with the “Diorissime” hound’s-tooth pattern and the romantic “noeud poignard”, the symbol of the Dior grace and boldness.

Natalie Portman embodies the ideal beauty, gracious and refined much like the reflection of the Dior spirit. A perfect muse who appears as a romantic heroine in fabulous Paris. Later, the Black Swan will say “To me, a fragrance is not a daily-basis. It’s a way of dressing”. A timeless scent which symbolizes a charm “à la française”, Miss Dior remains forever elegant and insouciant.

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