Mercedes F1 Technology Equips AMG Models

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Mercedes F1 Technology Equips AMG Models

The e-Turbo engine developed by Mercedes for its F1 cars will soon be fitted to standard AMG models – a technological breakthrough at the height of the Mercedes legend!

Mercedes: Driving Performance Doubled By The Power Of F1

Mercedes-AMG, Character Cars

If the Mercedes team shines through its exploits in F1, the manufacturer has long conquered the roads and hearts. With its cars built for adventure, Mercedes has mastered the art of designing elegant but powerful cars.

The Mercedes-AMG, a subsidiary since 1999 – distills the panache of the branded cars of the oldest car manufacturer in the world. Mercedes- AMGs may be sports cars, but they are above all technological jewels made to overturn what is technically possible.

The aesthetics of Mercedes- AMG can be understood at a glance. The presence of the grille says it all about the dynamic design of a car imagined for the exceptional.

If the “Driving Performance” of the Mercedes-AMGs can be understood in terms of Mercedes performance on the circuits, their streamlined appearance, it is at the design office in Affalterbach that we owe it.

Sporty proportions, sharp lines and incomparable enthusiasm – the Mercedes-AMGs spread their minds around a full range of luxurious but muscular cars.

Proof if it was needed – the new technological breakthrough from Mercedes concedes an unprecedented performance. The Mercedes-AMGs will soon be fitted with the MGU-H engine, known as the e-turbo. Technology derived from its advances in Formula 1.

Tobias Moers, director of Mercedes-AMG, about to join Aston Martin in June 2020, confirmed: “We have clearly defined our goals for an electric future. In order to achieve them, we rely on discreet and very innovative components as well as on assemblies. With this initiative, we are strategically complementing our modular technology and adapting it to our performance requirements.

At first, this includes the electrified turbocharger – an example of the transfer of technology from Formula 1 to road cars, by means of which we will bring the turbocharged combustion engines to a level of agility previously unattainable. “

The Power of F1 in the Next Mercedes-AMG Series

Developed since 2014 for circuits , the MGU-H, known as the e-turbo engine, is thus about to enter a new phase of development. The goal is clear: to integrate the advances of F1 in future Mercedes-AMG models.

Thus, equipping Mercedes sports cars with the MGU-H does not amount to flirting with the power of F1, but rather to minimize the latency of the turbo – in order to couple it with lower engine speeds.

Slipped into light 48V hybrid systems, the MGU-H distils its electrical power around a reduced electric motor, about 4 centimeters. This small engine therefore, once placed between the turbine wheel and that of the compressor, will drive the turbine, before it receives the exhaust gases.

Causing an instant response, the engine vibrates at the slightest request from the accelerator. Also known as e-turbo, it is a sign of Mercedes expertise in automotive innovation.

“This turbo resolves the conflict between a very reactive small turbo which achieves its performance very early, and a large turbo with a peak performance at high speed but which suffers from lag” specified the house in a press release.

The Mercedes agility of F1 in the next Mercedes-AMG series. The e-turbo will have what it takes to perpetuate the delight of Mercedes Driving Performance for generations to come!