Marion Cotillard Galvanize Le N ° 5 Over The Moon

Marion Cotillard Galvanize Le N ° 5 Over The Moon

New face and new campaign for the most iconic perfume in history – Marion Cotillard wins No. 5 Chanel over the Moon!

With the approach of the holidays which will mark the end of an abracadabriant year, the house of Chanel is taking the lead and offering a new campaign full of dreamy! In addition to introducing its new muse in the person of Marion Cotillard, the Maison de Coco signs a wildly romantic campaign, featuring the iconic N ° 5, Marion Cotillard, the Moon and the star dancer Jérémie Belingard.

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To do this, Chanel once again appealed to the mischievous and divinely romantic vision of Swedish director Johan Renck, to narrate this new chapter in the history of & nbsp; N ° 5 . And what a story!

He who had already directed the brilliant Keira Knightley for Coco Mademoiselle, plays here the score of the & nbsp; codes & nbsp; Chanel around a dreamy Marion Cotillard and subjugated by a Moon at its highest . & nbsp; In a frosty Paris, here is transport on the star which fascinates her so much.

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It was Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur – Director of Creative Resources Chanel Parfums Beauté – who had the idea of combining the solar energy of Marion Cotillard with the most fascinating of Earth’s satellites.

“& nbsp; What I like about Marion Cotillard is that there is a kind of economy, modesty, when she plays, which is at the same time insanely powerful. She is a whole and totally committed actress, like the Chanel woman, who does not escape, but confront herself “& nbsp; & nbsp; adds Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur.

Incarnation of the Chanel woman, free and natural, Marion Cotillard thus lends her features and her enigmatic personality to the irresistible N ° 5 – an entirely French elegance which, in a sparkling and facetious choreography, releases all its grace!

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“I felt an immediate link with No. 5 which, more than a perfume, is a true work of olfactory art”, confides the Oscar-winning actress. It is true that the links between the house of Chanel and the actress have long been palpable. On the Cannes red carpets, Marion Cotillard has long opted for Chanel silhouettes. Better, the house itself shares a long bond with the actresses – and the cinema !

Like a chimerical ballad, Johan Renck’s mini-film sheds light on a new chapter of the world’s most famous perfume – a promise of all possibilities, the apotheosis of which is embodied in this lunar dream & nbsp; & nbsp; come true; a dream that is represented by the meeting of the two lovers, in the reality of this fantasized Paris!

The new campaign N ° 5 with Marion Cotillard can be seen here .

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