Louis Vuitton Monogram: Le Bal Du Temps du PE 2022

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Louis Vuitton Monogram: Le Bal Du Temps du PE 2022

Nicolas Ghesquière a fait tonner le monogramme Louis Vuitton par delà l’espace temps avec une collection pareille à un mash-up d’époques et de modes !

Louis Vuitton’s Bal Du Temps

The Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2022 fashion show was held in the heart of the Passage Richelieu du Louvre. A place all the more revealing for the house which is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its founder this year, because it is here that Louis Vuitton went to meet its most important client. Who else than Empress Eugenie ordered the most sophisticated luggage of his time from the then young trunk-maker?

This Spring / Summer 2022 collection from the Louis Vuitton house was, to quote its artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquière: the “great ball of time. “That is to say, a mash-up of eras and fashions in silhouettes as inspired as they are fascinating!

On the catwalk, the lavish, richly embellished dresses unmistakably referred to the style of basket dresses of centuries past. Inspired by the figure of the vampire, the collection also gave pride of place to capes and other timeless gimmick outfits – immortal, like a vampire!

Wispy, beaded pieces; sensual dresses cut on the bias and worn over jeans. Here and there, in fact, was added a tongue typical of Louis Vuitton’s work – the Louis Vuitton monogram indeed appearing as the graphic signature, a sign of recognition that these pieces are stamped with LV know-how.

In terms of accessories, the now iconic mini-trunk was engraved with the LV monogram, while the glasses paid homage to those designed by Peggy Guggenheim. Identical codes therefore, which, following the inspiration of Nicolas Ghesquière, take on a new stylistic meaning for Spring / Summer 2022.