Louis Roederer Vintage Late Release: Champagne Vintage Wines From The Cellar

Louis Roederer Vintage Late Release: Champagne Vintage Wines From The Cellar

With Vintage Late Release, Louis Roederer’s house initiates a new journey in the heart of its vintage champagnes. The idea is to bring out and highlight those vintage wines, stored for twenty years, from the house’s cellar, where the first vineyards have been watering the champagne since 1776.

Vintage Late Release Louis Roederer: An unforgettable experience

The house offers a memorable experience, orchestrated by Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Chef of the Caves at Louis Roederer. This first edition allows discovering the unique Vintage wine batch under a new version.

Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon naturally acquired grounds by Reims’s Mountain, where the Roederer family settled its first vineyards in the fifties. According to the house, those are the historical plots of the Mountain’s vineyards.

“Located at the threshold of maturity, remaining on freshness, these champagnes filled with origins depict the capacity of aging of Champagne’s wines, as well as their incredible gastronomical dimension”, explains Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon.


Offered in limited series, these vintage champagnes capture the passage of time—when tasting, a whole new aromatic spectrum for many will be revealed. Brought to a point of optimal maturity where, keeping their freshness, the selected champagnes here express their full potential.

In the framework of this first edition of Vintage Release, Louis Roederer selects five batches from 1990, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1999. These are intriguing years to express many variations of the same historic terroir for French champagne.


And it is around high-quality gastronomic agreements that these vintages are called to be enjoyed. «These mature vintage champagnes reach a degree of finesse, complexity, and uniqueness that make them wonderful companions of gastronomy» concludes the Louis Roederer house.

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