Eau de Rochas, Solar and Revolutionary Perfume

Eau de Rochas, Solar and Revolutionary Perfume

The third fragrance from the Rochas house is above all the first eau de cologne designed for women – a vibrant and delicate juice that is as sunny as it is revolutionary!

L’Eau de Rochas, The First Cologne For Women In History

When Marcel Rochas founded his perfume and couture house in 1925, he already cherished the ambition to revolutionize the codes, and the chic! First installed on the legendary rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, before taking up residence at 12 avenue Matignon, ten years later – the Rochas house quickly found its customers. And what clientele!

Marlène Dietrich, Joan Crawford or the Duchess of Windsor. In fact, elegant women from all over the world find in its refined but eminently refined tailoring the echo of a very sophisticated femininity. Less dramatic than other houses, Rochas-style fashion is indeed a matter of femininity that blooms with lace and other tulles.

This is how the house’s first fragrance echoes this woman who, according to Marcel Rochas, is perfectly embodied in the sparkling Hélène Rochas. His third wife became his muse and, in 1944, it was the master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska who was entrusted with the composition of this olfactory personality. We owe the creation of Eau Sauvage in 1966 and Diorama in 1948 to this outstanding nose.

Hélène Rochas

Called ‘Femme’, this first Rochas fragrance was a great success. But with the passing of Marcel Rochas, it is to Hélène Rochas that we owe the introduction of the most revolutionary of Rochas perfumes.
As the head of the house’s scents department, she gives a good boost to the composition of Eau de Rochas. The first Cologne for women in the history of perfumery.

L’Eau de Rochas, An Iconic Perfume

The very words of the Rochas house capture everything that makes the sparkle of this lively, fresh and delicate scent. “For the first time, an eau de cologne is aimed at women. In this infusion of citrus fruits and verbena, float freshly picked flowers – jasmine, narcissus, rose – with a dazzling trail. Hedione, an intelligent synthetic molecule, propels the wake like a crystalline waterfall that electrifies the senses. The more opulent chypre base mixing oak moss, myrrh and vetiver, gives depth to the whole and conveys this special freshness for longer, without ever altering it. “

Composed in 1970 by Nicolas Mamounas, the fragrance indeed holds a special place in olfactory memory – the perfect balance between these aromatic notes distills all the refined luxury specific to Rochas.

50 years later, this Eau de Rochas still sits on the hairdressers of women in love with freedom and elegance. And it is always in this sculptural bottle with a mineral design that this juice, endowed with so much beauty, is nestled!

Iinvented by Serge Mansau in 1970, the Eau de Rochas bottle translates the fiery spirit that escapes from it into solid glass – a cabochon like a dripping rock evokes the splashing living freshness of this water whose accords are, ultimately, timeless.