Lady Dior in the Hamptons

 In a surprise move after her attempt to withdraw, Marion Cotillard returns fresher, sweeter, and more natural, in a Dior advertisement by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Since she joined the brand, with her dark blue eyes, beautifully stitched hair, and graceful assurance, she is the Lady Dior. An opaque star in a world that likes brashness, Marion Cotillard is an actress who can play any role naturally, without distorting it. A discreet lady, a sunny lady, a bright lady created for her favorite bag.

It is obvious that, yet again, she has captured the scene. The shooting was done this year in the heart of the Hamptons, not far from New York, on a deserted beach. It is clearly clashing in the face of previous campaigns; more urban, more acrobatic, and in a word: more perched. Dressed in pastel colors, and slipped into a nearly-corolla colored nude dress, Marion poses holding the red Lady Dior bag in her left hand. The iris is fascinated, from the perfectly shaded lines, to the unmistakable aesthetics. The Lady Dior seems to be a symbol of passion and love, or as an echo of devout elation. Dior, again!

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