Lady Dior: 2013 Campaign With Marion Cotillard by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Marion Cotillard is tugging so hard on our heartstrings in the latest Lady Dior campaign that we’re practically dying with desire! Through the lens of Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the quintessential essence of Dior emerges with ardor, grace, and sensuousness.

Dressed in a black asymmetrical corolla skirt and a certain allegorical elegance, the actress strikes a pose next to the accessory. Sometimes lascivious, sometimes with her back turned, she never holds it in her hand. Preferring to play with it in a pallidly romantic light, the Lady Dior bag à la Raf Simons takes on a modern aesthetic that’s a bit more geometric.

It’s enough to give the impression that you’re front-row for a romantic drama, unfolding in the 50s-esque atmosphere of a game of shadows and light.

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