L’Abeille Guerlain, UNESCO and Charlotte Abramow: The Exhibition

L’Abeille Guerlain, UNESCO and Charlotte Abramow: The Exhibition

With the support from the Guerlain bee, the house of Guerlain have given photographer Charlotte Abramow free reign to cover the “Women for Bees” Programme. Here are all the details about this exhibition named “Piquées”.

For a long time Guerlain has been an advocate for biodiversity, respectful of nature and the involvement of women in art and science. For the final pillar of their commitment Guerlain has launched an initiative called “Women for Bees”, in partnership with UNESCO and in collaboration with the OFA (Observatoire Français d’Apidologie).

The Guerlain Exhibition

So, what is the project about? To initiate a beekeeping entrepreneurship programme for women, aiming to train new beekeepers, creating beekeeping courses within the UNESCO biosphere reserves. Additionally, to measure pollination benefits around the world, as bees are essential to the survival of humanity.

Therefore, the Guerlain bee, the house’s signature emblem, has inspired a truly unique programme. In 2021, after their first exhibition showcasing the work of female photographers, Guerlain fell in love with Charlotte Abramow’s work.

Charlotte Abramow took a collection of photographs for the “Piquées” exhibition, where she was commissioned to capture the atmosphere, the project and the relationships made in the class of 2021 “Women for Bees” programme.

The exhibition featuring her poetic and metaphorical narrative will be open from April 22nd to July 22nd 2022, at the Guerlain flagship store, 68 avenue des Champs-Elysées. Guerlain’s Director of Art, Culture and Heritage, Ann-Caroline Prazan, stated:

“This exhibition sheds light on the relationships between women and bees, and the parallel between the two, of sisterhood and the contribution of bees in our lives. She (Charlotte Abramow) has cast her kind and perceptive gaze to provide us with a singular story which links women and bees through a series of embroidered photos symbolising this invisible link. Charlotte Abramow also wanted to depict the fragility of bees, who are under threat. Their disappearance would be a tragedy for humanity, as their role as pollinators is essential to humanity.”

This series of photos conveys energy, sharing and sisterhood which developed between seven women during the beekeeping training which was free of charge last Summer as part of the “Women for bees” programme in partnership with UNESCO, which is sponsored by Angelia Jolie.

The photographer stated are the “women bonded with each other” drawing “a parallel between a group of women and a group of bees in the service of nature, balance and renewal of life.”

A committed exhibition, which can be discovered from April 22nd.