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La Linea Rossa by Prada

A pioneer in athleisure, the Prada house can boast about having initiated, before its time, a certain craze for sporty silhouettes. Today we are talking about streetwear.

The history of La Linea Rossa

A founding moment of streetwear and luxury

The history of Linea Rossa is undoubtedly linked to that of Pocono. This Prada favorite material is indeed at the origin of a revolution in the world of luxury. With the Vela bag, first in 1984. With the Linea Rossa then.

It is a very durable and practical synthetic, the Pocono was at the time in total contradiction with the luxurious textiles then favored by luxury houses.

Neil Barrett’s arrival at the house in 1995, with his sleek, monochrome take for Prada Men’s, put Miuccia on the Prada Sport runway. Launched in 1997 with Neil Barrett at the helm, Prada Sport will launch pieces that masterfully merge what the house called: “urban” clothing with “technical” elements.

By relying again on taboo materials in luxury, Prada innovates with the Pocono – better known in mass production, parachutes and stockings. Not very luxurious in itself. But Prada Sport ‘Linea Rossa’ relied on Prada heritage to imagine futuristic yet very luxurious silhouettes!

In addition to capturing the cultural spirit of the time with its new aesthetic that mixed sportswear and luxury, Prada Linea Rossa constituted a versatile line, simple and recognizable at a glance.

The bright colors and acids that become iconic codes Prada. Coupled with the use of so-called “bad taste” materials, Prada found the anchoring of its point outside the codes.

Thus the Linea Rossa at Prada constitutes one of the founding moments of luxury streetwear. The pieces were well fitted, displaying a carefree attitude in absolute comfort. The first branded tracksuit was thus born. The collection’s irresistible appeal among alternative cultures was not long in coming. The unprecedented unification of functionality and luxury at the Prada has been strong!

Such was the success that Linea Rossa’s products were elevated to the dignity of the catwalks when Miuccia Prada included them in her Spring/Summer 1999 collection. In 2019, Prada celebrated its anniversary with great fanfare a now legendary line.

The Linea Rossa is also the line that best embodies the transversality between fashion, the world of sport and large-scale international events. Like the America’s Cup, run by the Luna Rossa team.

Prada Sport, Luna Rossa And The America’s Cup

It is through the impetus of the CEO of Prada and husband of Miuccia Prada that Prada’s successful foray into the America’s Cup event.

In 1999, eager to take part in the 30th edition of the America’s Cup, Patrizio Bertelli had Argentinian naval architect Germán Frers build the monohull Luna Rossa (ITA-45). Passionate about sailing and water sports, Patrizio Bertelli thus brought Prada to run sport and fashion simultaneously, with the creation of the Luna Rossa.

Symbol of elegance and sport, the Luna Rossa embodies Prada’s values.

For her first participation in the America’s Cup, the oldest sailing trophy in the world, the Luna Rossa (ITA-45) won against one America (USA-61). But, a few weeks later, in Auckland from February 20 to March 2, 2000, the Italian challenger Luna Rossa (ITA-45) was taken to the victory by the famous skipper Russel Coutts, for New Zealand (NZL-60) By 5 innings to 0.

A moment of anthology since design, sport, marketing and the values ​​of the Prada house set ablaze an event of international scope. Better still, the Prada Sport Linea Rossa signature – the thin red band reproduced on the hull of the yacht – has become iconic.

It is therefore with a certain impatience that we await the start of the 36th edition of the America’s Cup, normally scheduled for the austral summer, in 2021. The Luna Rossa, the high-tech catamaran signed Prada, is will then enter the prestigious regatta. For the fourth time in its history!