KENZO A/W 2022: Pleasure and Exotic prints

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KENZO A/W 2022: Pleasure and Exotic prints

Nigo’s first collection with KENZO revives the aesthetic and signature styles of Kenzo Takada, all poured into one show with crazy energy!

Neo debuted his first collection designed for KENZO in Galerie Vivienne, which is symbolic as Takada Kenzo debuted his first fashion show there in 1970. Since then, KENZO has become a world leading fashion house, and in 2021, it is Nigo’s turn to express his vision. Furthermore, the soundtrack of the show was an exclusive preview of I know Nigo, the designer’s upcoming album, with features from Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, Pharrell Williams, Pusha T, Teriyaki Boyz, Tyler, the Creator and Lil Uzi Vert.

It is of course around the heritage of Kenzo Takada that the new artistic director structured this KENZO 2022 collection – drawing inspiration from the signature inventive cuts, multicultural inspirations, joyful colours and exotic prints!

“It may be a Japanese thing, but the idea of integrating a lot of contrasting influences from different cultures and somehow merging them into something that feels like it has its own identity is something I recognise in Takada’s work, and it’s something I feel very close to”.

KENZO’s signature style of exotic prints and cultural encounters made a return, with inspired pieces that exude joy and individuality. This collection was a fusion of formal Western attire and traditional Japanese garments in a cheerful and sensational atmosphere, where flowers, bright colours and exotic prints were reminiscent of the delightful expression of the house of KENZO. Named Real-To-Wear, this collection turns a new page for KENZO without forgetting its precious heritage.

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