Jumping Boots Hermès 2022: History Of The Iconic Boots

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Jumping Boots Hermès 2022: History Of The Iconic Boots

The Hermès Jumping Boots are without a doubt the perfect boots for chic women. Hermès boots dress women and the most fashionable Parisians, from autumn onwards. A pair still at the top of fashion, 50 years after its introduction!

Hermès Jumping Boots: Authentic Parisian Boots

The Hermès Jumping Boots embody French elegance. During the rainy months of autumn and the cold winter weather, they are at the forefront of what counts to be fashionable!

Hermès Jumping Boots: The Parisian Boots

The know-how of Maison Hermes in robust leather, chic and impeccable, provides this result – the ideal equestrian-inspired boots.

It was in 1972 that the Hermès house presented its women’s boots for the first time. And the house announces its debut into the world of women’s shoes at the same time. And what an announcement! The entry of the most prestigious French fashion brand into the world of shoes is made with this leather piece that reveals a revered know-how.

The most “French” women’s riding boots obviously draw their inspiration from the equestrian world, so dear to Hermès.

The link between Hermès and the horse is inseparable from the history of the company and dates back to the time when Thierry Hermès ran a saddle and harness factory.

Hermès Jumping Boots: The Parisian Boots

The Hermès touch on the Jumping Boots that makes all the difference? A thin Kelly buckle, another much-desired women’s classic from Hermès. The bag that takes the name of Princess Grace Kelly!

The Jumping Boots from Hermès are a special pair of boots where the french tradition can be read from start to finish. A refined fashion tradition… Combining the sophistication of calfskin and chic equestrian bourgeoisie, the Jumping dazzles with its stacked heel and hand-sewn sole. It’s a perfect match for the must-have Kelly bag.

Hermès Jumping Boots: The Parisian Boots

A timeless style that has known how to spin Hermès fashion through the various artistic directors. From Jean Paul Gaultier to Martin Margiela and the current director Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski… Over the seasons, Jumping has established itself as one of the Maison’s iconic creations. And this is because they embody a clean line, the excellence of leather, and the perfect fit while proposing an imposing silhouette… These recognizable boots encapsulate the Hermès know-how and exude everything that indicates the genius of French leather.

Available in three colors and in a large number of sizes, here, at the price of 2010€.