Journées Particulières: A Chance To Discover LVMH’s Icons

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The doors are opening. In the very heart of their workshops, LVMH is recreating this exciting event for a third year and offering unique tours of 53 exceptional locations in France and throughout Europe. The general public is invited to discover, among other things, how Louis Vuitton travel trunks and Monogram canvas bags are made in Asnières-sur-Seine, France.

At Givenchy’s Haute Couture Salons, a 30 minute guided tour is on the menu, allowing visitors to understand the creation process behind the brand’s haute couture line. At Christian Dior, visitors will no doubt appreciate the timeless and refined tailleur bar, a central element in the brand’s legendary wardrobe. For Antoine Arnault, Head of Berluti and President of Loro Piana, the mastermind behind the event, the Journées Particulières are once more an occasion to highlight the diversity of crafts and savoir-faire that create the richness of our brands.

Each tour is unique and will allow for the discovery of a number of brands with ancestral savoir-faire, which in turn perpetuates all the values of French luxury. During these three days of reverie visitors will also have the occasion to discover other emblems of watchmaking and perfumery, like the legendary Shalimar flask imagined by Guerlain in 1925.

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