James Bond’s Cars? Aston Martin Icons

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James Bond’s Cars? Aston Martin Icons

The most elegant of spies found in the Aston Martin style the ideal cars, and since 1964 in Goldfinger. 

Aston Martin, The Passion of Beautiful Cars 

1913. Lionel Martin, passionate by mechanics and a car pilot created a surprise when he won the Aston Clinton race with his “Coat Scuttle”, 115km/h on the dashboard. At the wheel of his Singer especially created for this competition, the man took the decision to baptise his future cars with  a very symbolic name. 

“Aston”: for the race, “Martin” for his own name. However the two consecutive wars would put Lionel Martin’s enterprise in jeopardy.. In 1947 David Brown would acquire the Aston Martin stable. The race circuit devout would relaunch the legend – his first victory at the 25 Heures du Mans, 24 Heures de Spa and World Championships of sports cars prove the newfound success. 

The DB5, The First James Bond Car 

With the DB5 project, the ambition of Aston Martin is simple: to make a clean slate of the past in order to introduce a new car just as powerful and creative!

David Brown would then call to the master of Italian car-making, Carozzeria Touring, in order to create a highly styled body. The longstanding associate of Ferrari thought up a rich aluminium with its ‘Superleggera” process…

Inverted T grill and chrome arrow on the sides, the Aston Martin look is born. And no question about reducing the motor strength! In this finesse comes an imposing mechanic. A six-cylinder in 4 litres. Created in 1963 the car seems ideally chiseled for an up and coming icon…

Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman are in the process of adapting Ian Fleming’s James Bond for the screen. In his book, the Brit already writes about a DB3 Aston Martin, but they want a more modern, ferocious, playful version. After negotiations, Aston Martin accepts to give them the very first DB5 ever produced. First in red and then a Silver Birch version that Broccoli and Salesman sign as the iconic car of James Bond in Goldfinger. 

In the hands of artistic director, Ken Adam, and the genius of special effects John Stear, the Aston Martin becomes the iconic James Bond DB5 – 13 gadgets and an ejectable seat!

The V8 Vantage, Other James Bond Supercar

April 1872. In the middle of an oil crisis, David Brown offers Great Britain its very first ‘Supercar’. Baptised the Aston Martin V8, the super powerful engine would very quickly become a dream car. However the talent of the driver Tadek  Marek wanted to bring the stable into the ranks of best European carmakers. After having studied many options, it is the ‘V8 Vantage’ that seemed best disposed to accomplish this mission. Produced in 1977, the Vantage pulls its motor to its highest power, 6 seconds to pass from 0 to 100 Km/h! To the eye and to the ear, the V8 Vantage has everything of an exceptional car. More aggressive, its aerodynamic elements, full grill and  and tail fins gave it an elegance joined with a bestial energy. Inside, everything becomes luxurious – leather, wood setting, the Vantage takes on a very British look. It accompanies James Bond perfectly in “The Living Daylights” of 1987. 

Not One but Four Aston Martins in the Next James Bond 

Rapide E: for the first time the British spy will be at the wheel of an electric car. However, we are still talking about an Aston Martin. Even iff the V12 motor has been replaced by a battery, two electric motors are mounted to the back to produce 610 horsepower! Agent Bond will be able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 sec – the 80-112 km/h in 1,5 seconds. A top speed of 250 km/h which will delight Daniel Craig for the last time as James Bond. 

No Time To Die”, to be released on the 8th of April 2020 will honour the most famous of James Bond’s cars. For the 25th episode of the saga, Daniel Craig will be accompanied by an Aston Martin DB5, a V8 Vantage from the 1980s and the Valhalla.. but the true revolution is the new James Bond, the Rapide E.