J’adore Eau de Lumière de Dior

In line with haute couture and the art of playing with different fabrics with the Bar jacket, perfumer-designer François Demachy is now playing with flowers for his latest J’adore opus. Dior’s right-hand perfume man is once more demonstrating his olfactory sensibilities and his ability to supplement Dior’s floral grammar with a new leitmotif. With a desire to “accentuate J’adore eau de toilette’s radiant nature”, François Demachy has imagined like a gardener-cum-poet Eau de Lumière, a sensational and sensual effluvium of intense floral notes.
Eau de Lumière rings out like a chorus of praise to the materials that compose it; “as magical as it is, perfume is first and foremost the art of primary materials.” On his quest for perfection, the perfumer-designer opted to stop over in Monsieur Dior’s private garden in Grasse, France, the cradle of French perfumery, to make use of its coveted Neroli de Vallauris. “It has unique aspects with unparalleled power. It’s sparkling, it resonates as the head note thanks to its zesty floral nature.” Essence of orange blossom irradiates alongside delicate aromas of vanilla and lemon, refined by a mixture of magnolia and Damascus rose… all this without ever losing the fundamental nature of the iconic floral fragrance J’adore, created by Calice Becker in 1999.
“It’s the trail of scent that completes the look!” Monsieur Dior once said. François Demachy’s new breed of flower power thus gives the Dior woman a floral, elegant, and radiant trail, incarnated by Dior muse Charlize Theron under the watchful eye of Peter Lindbergh. Just like a Hitchockian heroine, a touch sunnier this time around, she comes forth, conquering and more dazzling than ever… thanks to Dior J’adore Eau de Lumière no doubt.

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