Isabel Marant Sneakers

In the beginning, it was just the sneaker: refined, efficient, exclusively for sports, invented by William Foster in 1890. Little by little, the Sneaker was created and recreated under brilliant ideas of a few brands.From the 80’s onwards, it took off… Attributed to the pop culture, we began to see them adorning the feet of the stars, skaters, rappers and others. Emerging finally from an insipid necessity to a true emblem of fashion.

Yet! The real revolution came in 2010, when the designer Isabel Marant took charge and presented to the world a pure UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object) shoesesque. A self-taught genius who started at the age of 14 in her parents’ room, and who eventually, after many wanderings, created her own brand in 1994, Isabel Marant does not design for herself but for a woman by whom she was immensely touched; one who gave her the desire to create. Inspired by the hippy chic and fascinated by this woman, Isabel manages to stay true to her style in all her collections, inspite of knowing well how to evolve. Which may explain how each collection coming out of her hat, becomes a Style Model! This is the success story of her sneakers: be it Bird, Bobby, Betty, Beckett or Bazil, each of her launches, sell like hotcakes and are found ‘sold out’ in no time! That is why this is a revolution: Isabel Marant has scored where no one had succeeded: she has put femininity into sneakers. Wedges, sometimes sober, sometimes colorful, with velcros or with laces, in denim or in suede, these sneakers go with everything! With a plethora of models, it is difficult to commit a fashion faux-pas. Imitated excessively but never replicated, the Isabel Marant sneakers have conquered all women without slumbering into monotony. And we are pleased to present to you Benny, the latest in the family. Be in the starting blocks because we bet this model will not remain available for a long time…

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