Iconic Objects at Paris Design Week

For the third consecutive year, Paris Design Week will take place from September 9th to the 15th. Close to 150 choice spots in Paris will host the latest innovations in design, fashion, art, and gastronomy. For 7 days, publishers, gallery owners, and even artists are taking it upon themselves to open a new window to design; the very same “Energies” that make up the event’s central theme are now honoring the work of architect and designer Odile Decq. But the event’s innovation resides first and foremost in the approach that’s offered to the public. Whether avant-garde or innovative, design occupies a key place in our daily lives, one that those who make it exist intend to prove. Through a number of soirées, exhibits, and other goings-on, they’re developing a new way to present their work: with free reign throughout the entire city and its surroundings, the approach is a dynamic and non-consensual one. In showrooms, museums, and galleries, the exhibitors are divided into seven themes which couldn’t possibly all be seen in their entirety: Art & Design, Design & Architecture, Iconic Design, Digital Design, Design in France, Food & Design, Design & Mobility. The scheduling for Design week tends to remind us that you can’t always have it all.
Objects that are at time experimental ravish the imagination, like at 108 rue Saint-Honoré, where Think&More presents their table art and simplistically beautiful furniture, but in a revisited, colorful, and downright magnificent way. The design is in the purity of this antique and sensible act. At 17 rue de Sèvres, the “recycling”-tinged design of Hermès’ “petit h” line is front and center. At the Cité de la mode et du design, Now! Le Off, dedicated to young designers, is next on the list. In Saint-Sulpice, Drawing Glass is taking place in Lacroix’s boutique, revealing the creative process of Fabrica, designer Sam Baron’s laboratory, in the meantime. Also among the 236 participants is Dutch designer Friso Kramer and his innovation in industrial design: the 4060 or “Revolt” chair, launched in 1955. French designer Jean Nouvel is opening up his workshop for the week. One last thing to note, perhaps: Friday night, the action will be taking place at the Saint-Ouen flea market.

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