Ibiza, The Multiple

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Ibiza, The Multiple

Carved like a swan, the Balearic Island welcomes the worthy heirs of the Beatnik ways of life and thoughts.

Whether they are clubbers, jet-setters, neo-hippies, hedonists, or newly outraged, the populations there, if they meet only rarely, coexist in exemplary tolerance. Pacific, Ibiza east.

A telluric energy, the result of a cultural and ethnic mix and max as it has rarely happened: in the wake of the hippie community which has made it its first gathering center in Europe, the island has achieved international notoriety; in the 1960s, artists were electrified by its magnetic vibrations; then came the 90s, and its clubbers.

Like a land of promise, wild Ibiza, spiritual Ibiza welcomes the Little Princes of the Earth.

Beyond the old traditional clay dwellings inherited from the Arab period from the 8th to the 14th, by the dirt roads, it is a real wild flight of poetry which uninhibited man from everything, leaving him within the reach of the ecstasy, in all its incarnations.

From the heights of La Formentera, the white square houses – “the payesas” – the rivers, the creeks and the white sand breathe the concept of a dolce vita made of freedom, love, and mutual understanding enchanted by the Party. We like to dance there outside, under the stars, feet in the water, where the body darted solar rays from a cerulean sky. An embodiment of wellness and mindfulness experience!

Land of passage, Ibiza hosts arty concept stores, but also bohemian restaurants which, near the design hotels adjacent to the fisherman’s huts, in turn welcome the soul to experience terrestrial pleasures.

Its villages trace their routes far from Saint-Tropez, an atmosphere that is often wrongly compared to it: far from being just a cool and entertaining place, Ibiza embodies an inspiring message of bravery, befitting all nationalities. The best spots on the island cannot be summed up: they are everywhere!

As soon as summer begins, the season begins: every night, the clubs turn a different DJ into the shaman of a spontaneous and intense crowd. The intriguing Ibiza is just one to experience.