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“Working on J’adore l’Huile Divine’s composition was a technical challenge. It was an exciting exercise since I had to “enter” into the perfume while targeting the most important elements. It was an introspective work that allowed me to extract the soul of J’adore.” François Demachy, Dior’s nose, was given the mission of transposing the most eloquent notes of J’adore into a different and enveloping texture that acts both as an oil for both body and bath. This is how the Huile Divine adventure began.

Huile Divine is first and foremost an exaltation of the honey-like nuances of Rose de Grasse, the Queen of exceptional flowers. By reaffirming and lifting up the inimitable notes of J’adore’s original bouquet, Huile Divine becomes an invitation to a distinctive and highly sensorial discovery. In the bath, this product releases itself to caress the skin with a nourishing veil, making the bathwater creamier and exuding an unctuous color that sensually envelops the body in the meantime. Applied directly, Huile Divine slips on with lightness, penetrating effortlessly and procuring a soft sensation; the skin instantly becomes radiant, nourished, and fragrant in equal measure.

Huile Divine is a promise of well-being and absolute relaxedness in every moment. This delicious gesture leaves only the most voluptuous notes of J’adore behind on the skin and is destined to become a ritual, a floral bouquet captured within a bottle identical to that of its namesake perfume.

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