Homme Plissé: The Miyake A/W 2022 Collection

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Homme Plissé: The Miyake A/W 2022 Collection

It is in the brilliant hands of Satoshi Kondo that Miyake’s signature technique is revitalised in the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, named A Work of Arc.

Homme Plissé: The functional and poetic garment

“Rethinking pleats as if drawing arcs on pleated fabric allows for a new exploration of forms. By experimenting with the fundamentals of making a garment, the way to fold, sew, and pleat a piece of fabric, and studying the relationship between them, the collection develops original silhouettes that surround the body and evoke a presence of a sculpture so lively that it looks like it is about to come to life.” With Satoshi Kondo as the head of design of Issey Miyake, the house can rely on a visionary who shares the founder’s taste for dreamy yet practical pieces.

This Autumn/Winter 2022 collection was debuted in the form of a video directed by the Japanese director Kyotaro Hayashi. It features Miyake’s pleated structures which are directly inspired by the design of a tent.

The house explains that: “The reason is that there’s actually a connection and similarity with how a tent is made, and how a piece of pleated garment is made.”

A collection that revives the very essence of the Homme Plissé, giving the contemporary man pieces in which to move. Pieces whose beautiful sculptural designs radiate the spirit of free movement with a very Japanese elegance!

Série Lanterne

A sort of interactive garment before its time, Issey Miyake’s pieces in this season comprise six series – the ARC series, whose “folds of large arcs made in the pleated fabric become the structure of the garments, giving a sense of fluidity and roundness.” The BOW series and its three-dimensional construction, but also LANTERNE, FLIP COAT, FRAME COAT and DECK’N COURT. Discover them here. To Discover here.

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