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For Spring/Summer 2018, the Hogan woman becomes an Urban Gypsetter – a fashion citizen who joyfully mixes urban style with a Bohemian touch. It’s in this vein that the brand has always anchored its activities. The history of the legendary H222 sneaker, the very same one that brought sneakers into the realm of “it” pieces, is a telescoping of styles. In 1986 in Manhattan, Andrea Della Valle worked for Tod’s. In the streets of the Big Apple, he noticed that New Yorkers often went from home to the office in sports sneakers and, once at their destination, would take them off and put on high heels. From there was born the idea of sneakers that could stylishly compete with the demands of both of these worlds.

The H222 wedge sneaker is being imagined in a smarter version for Spring/Summer 2018. Made of an metallic leather, it was created for an ironic yet sublime, cool but unique woman. An iridescent emerald green gives it character. This is one way to style up any walk of life – especially that of the Hogan woman, who’s charismatic and effortlessly chic. Iconic and timeless, the H222 is becoming a bit more inventive without ever abandoning its original ambition; dressing up the working woman from home to the office with nonconformist parties downtown in between. Hogan for Spring/Summer 2018 truly takes flight when paired with an orange satin skirt.

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