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Since 1980, Hermès’ workshops have been combining savoir-faire and creative excellence within their illustrious horse riding department. Originally used to decorate horses during competitions, their cashmere blankets have become veritable luxury items. The very first style, Rocabar, was created using an ocher boiled wool with navy blue and coral stripes. Some years later it was the Avalon plaid. The Hermès blanket would thus become an object of desire and good taste.

Different styles would quickly follow. Silky and refined, these blankets are composed of cashmere and silk and are entirely hand-woven in Nepal. The brand has also benefitted from a partnership with Robert Dallet, famous painter with a love of all things feline, to create a special collection of plaids straight out of Italy. Then, it was the Plume de Brazil style’s turn to decorate the living rooms of the most exigeant of customers. Minutely woven using cotton and silk threads then covered with glass and rock crystal beads, the Hermès plaid fills each room with unparalleled refinement.

Symbol of discrete elegance, the plaid is a timeless piece that adds a touch of refinement to any interior. The wool version instantly brings warmth and serenity to the room it inhabits, while the cashmere style envelops you in tenderness. Delicately draped over a sofa, the silk blanket is bound to accompany each moment with chic and lightness. In winter you can nestle up with it next to a fire crackling away in the fireplace, while in summer it bequeaths a magistral luxury to your bedroom with a humble yet majestic luxury.

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