Hermès, The New Exceptional Arceau Watch

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Hermès, The New Exceptional Arceau Watch

The house of Hermès has long been behind the most beautiful pieces in fashion and luxury. This time, it is a new vision of the iconic Arceau watch that demonstrates the extreme refinement of the Hermès house. The Arceau Harnais Français Remix watch.

The new Arceau presents a crazy fantasy horse with miniature painted porcelain-cut face! A real aesthetic piece.

The Arceau Watch, Hermès Object Of Time

Hermès know-how and the Arceau watch

In the Hermès universe, the horse holds a special place. First in the history of the house. Before being the house behind the most exquisite pieces of fashion and luxury, Hermès was a saddlery. Instead of abandoning its expertise and know-how at the turn of the 20th century, Hermès was able to create fashion and luxury pieces in tune with this heritage.

Thus, Hermès know-how allowed the French house to excel in a number of areas. In the manufacturing of saddles, and also in leather goods, with what was undoubtedly the most sought-after bag in the world – The Kelly.

Above all, Hermès know-how and the innovative spirit of its employees has led the house to enter the world of watchmaking. With great emotion and refinement.

This is the story of the Arceau watch. A watch that, like many Hermès’ desirable items, carries the lightness of the unexpected! A little earlier in 2020, Arceau Hermès time was reinventing itself in a skeleton version.

The watch imagined by Henri d’Origny in 1978, from the movement of a galloping horse, conquers all! And in particular the singularity of the exception.

La Nouvelle Arceau French Harness Remix

The new Arceau Harnais Français Remix, rather than measuring, sequencing, controlling time, aims to capture the emotion.

In this exceptional version, limited to 24 numbered copies, the new Arceau Harnais Français Remix honors the horse, fantasy and unparalleled craftsmanship on which the creativity of Hermès sits.

The new Arceau Harnais Français Remix, mounted on a raspberry alligator strap, is based on an original drawing by Hugo Grygkar, designer of the house between 1940 and 1959.

Hugo Grygkar was inspired by a work kept in the private collection of Émile Hermès – a team of richly caparisoned horses and wearing multicolored feathers, drawn by two young architects of the 19th century – Fontaine and Percier – responsible for designing a coach for the coronation of Napoleon 1st in 1804.

La Montre HermËs atelier d Olivier Vaucher peinture sur porcelaine GenËve: 17 02 2019 Photo: David Marchon

It is this drawing that we now find reproduced on a ‘biscuit’ from Limoges porcelain. An aesthetic piece, engraved by hand, which resulted in almost a month of work.

La Montre HermËs atelier d Olivier Vaucher peinture sur porcelaine GenËve: 17 02 2019 Photo: David Marchon

“The mat and delicate aspect of the material corresponds to the manufacturing stage before enameling, a process which makes porcelain smooth and shiny. Here, the different colors are applied directly to this raw material with such a singular rendering. The delicate application of each color is interspersed with successive and precise oven passages to fix and enhance the pigments, ”explains the house of Hermès.

It is true that this Arceau Harnais Français Remix is ​​sublime! Adorned with a porcelain dial engraved and painted by hand, nestled in a white gold case set with 82 diamonds, the watch comes alive thanks to the mechanical self-winding movement H1912 from Hermès.

The Arceau Harnais Français Remix is ​​a marvel signed by the eminently exceptional know-how of the house of Hermès!