Hennessy, Cognac Makes Itself Festive for Christmas

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Hennessy, Cognac Makes Itself Festive for Christmas

The house which will celebrate its 255 years of existence in 2020 will introduce, once again, exceptional bottles for the end of year celebrations!

We can read the story of the Hennessy maison in its emblem – the family crest of its founder Richard Hennessy, now become a symbol of its savour faire. The legendary hatchet leave sits sign on the most desirable cognacs of the world. This savoir-faire goes way back, almost 255 years to be precise. Irish officer at the service of King Louis XV, Richard Hennessy discovered Charent and the city of Cognac all the while learning about trade. In 1765 he founded his own house which quickly conquered the palace of the French King’s court. A business yes but nonetheless a family one, Hennessy transmits itself from generation to generation. A rule that applies just as much to the founders as to the master blenders. 

Some hundred years later, in 1870, Maurice Hennessy begun another international reference for cognacs. With the XO designation (for eXtra Old), he put out into the world the finest cognacs in the galaxy. Initially reserved to family and friends, Hennessy X.O. is now accessible to all! And it is evidently this same Hennessy X.O. & Ice that the maison chose to put into the spotlight for the end of 2019. 

The maison revisited a frosted case that transforms into an ice bucket, a way to accompany the new ways of enjoying the drink – around ice! This is thanks to the ComitĂ© de DĂ©gustation  of the Hennessy maison, who each morning at the same time in the heart of Cognac gets together in order to follow the gustative evolution and potential of cognacs. This time, it proposes three ways of experimenting with Hennessy X.O. With three ice cubes, one large ice cube or even five or six ice cubes, the goal stays the same: reveal it’s rich and complex aromas!

Another novelty intimately related to the history of the brand – In 1947, Gerald de Geoffrey de Chabrignac, Richard’s nephew, drew the now iconic Hennessy carafe. Its shape, inspired by an inverted grapevine with embossed vines running along the glass is a homage to the vines of Charente. The novelty continues when in 1979, the master blender Maurice Fillioux created “Hennessy Paradis”, a cognac assembling hundreds of exceptional brandies, the house begun a new chapter in its history. 

This is now captured in the new crystal carafe, a jewel of the collection – the Hennessy Paradis Imperial. Conceived by contemporary artist and designer Arik Levy, the new crystal carat brings about a delicate and audacious balance. It contains the Hennessy cognacs that have reached their points of elegance, the decisive and ephemeral moment where a brandy is deemed ready to enter the composition of a Hennessy Paradis Imperial assemblage. 

And since Hennessy holds luxury to be of primary value, it is at the heart of a specially created trunk by Louis Vuitton that the icon will nestle. The Hennessy Paradis Imperial trunk by Louis Vuitton celebrates thus the excellence of savoir-faire, the two maisons offering both a unique vision of the world. A vision largely inspired by refinement of taste and a joint affinity for the world of travel. A gustative journey that awaits you for the end of year festivities!