Harry Winston’s New York, Diamonds And Inspirations

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Harry Winston’s New York, Diamonds And Inspirations

The house celebrates around a collection representing the love that founder Harry Winston had for the vibrant city of New York.

New York And The Harry Winston Diamonds

If we know the attachment of creative souls to certain cities, that of Harry Winston for New York holds fundamental importance in the history of his house. It must be said that when he founded his workshop in 1935 in New York, he was then in the heart of a vibrant and extremely connected city. Could he have heard of the discovery of this diamond in Brazil other than by being there?

This diamond which, in 1938, lead him on an adventure which ends with the acquisition of Harry Winston of this famous diamond called Vargas.

The New York Collection

This time, the famous Harry Winston house in New York, its energy, its inimitable structure and its whimsical spirit in jewels where glamour is mixed with shimmering colors!

Exciting, this collection is just as much as it is revisited in attires flown by the craftsmen of the house, the places having themselves marked the creativity of Harry Winston during his lifetime.

An urban journey lived on lines of diamonds which retraces the districts, the colors and the historic structures which inspired Harry Winston jewels. Jewels which captures the audacity in the film of the campaign, obviously in movement. Like the city that never sleeps