Gucci’s NFT With 10KTF

Gucci’s NFT With 10KTF

NFT Gucci. NFT Gucci. Alessandro Michele projects the Gucci legacy into the world of digital craftsman Wagmi-san, a collaboration signed with the digital accessories shop 10KTF.

Gucci’s NFT With 10KTF: Poetics And Avant-Gardists

Gucci’s new digital collaboration is called “10KTF Gucci Grail” And it is aimed for the Metaverse. In concrete terms, this new collaboration has involved Alessandro Michele and the artist Wagmi-san to create ad hoc digital outfits with the digital accessories shop 10KTF.

Silhouettes designed specifically for the PFP (Picture for Proof) of eleven NFT collections, including the most iconic ones: Bored Ape, World of Women and Cool Cats.


Accessible in the New Tokyo virtual shop, and the Vault space, the Gucci House states therefore that “The encounter between the digital artisan and Alessandro Michele generates two Gucci looks entirely customized, available in different colors, inspired respectively by the Aria and Love Parade collections, for those who aspire to express their individuality through fashion in parallel digital worlds.

With only a limited number of users involved, this project feels like a unique work: “10KTF Gucci Grail” puts not only under the spots the individuality of each person, but also reveals the enormous and spectacular potential of virtual realities, enabling us to design a digital identity in an alternative world. Dressing for the metaverse is having another self that Vault allows us to generate through Gucci codes.”

And it is precisely these Gucci codes, initiated 100 years ago, that dress with a unique panache the avatars of the holders of these iconic NFTs! Those who are members of the Gucci Vault community on the Discord server, those who already “live” in New Tokyo, where the Wagmi-san tailor lives, and those who own these much sought-after PFPs.

Undeniably unique pieces, where we find, among other things, the Gucci signatures that are the Flora motif, and the Mors!