Gucci Cruise 2023: Web Band, Bamboo Bag, Cosmogony Gucci

Gucci Cruise 2023: Web Band, Bamboo Bag, Cosmogony Gucci

It was in Puglia, Italy, that Alessandro Michele chose to embark the Gucci Cruise 2023 collection. A collection focused on Gucci cosmogony, reminiscent of the aesthetics of the past in a more contemporary fashion than ever!

Gucci Cruise 2023: Web Tape and Bamboo Bag Spinning Gucci Fashion

With a 13th-century monastery set, designed by Frederick II, and composed by a full orange moon and a podium drawn as an axis in the middle of the Milky Way—it is in a very inspired mysticism that Alessandro Michele drew the Gucci Cruise 2023 collection.

A collection where past aesthetics married in a gucciesque harmony the gimmicks of the time as imposed by Michele since his arrival at the head of the artistic direction of Gucci. And it is the lines of the philosopher Walter Benjamin that inspired those of Alessandro Michele for this collection. “What may at first seem atomized and scattered, like the stars seen in the sky, becomes a sensible whole in the eyes of Walter Benjamin,” said Michele in his note of intent.

Concretely, this has been translated along these 120 looks by the interconnection of eras, styles and modes around the emblematic grammar of Gucci. The web-band and the mythical bamboo bag served as threads with bold and definitely dandiesques looks of Gucci. Complex silhouettes but still so skilfully articulated by the pope of contemporary baroque. “Dresses that become bodies, and bodies that become dresses” to use the words of the note of intent.

A runway where the Gucci men and women were breathtaking — a truly iconic collection, warmly applauded by Elle Fanning and Dakota Johnson!