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The fashion presented by Gucci last week is a fashion that doesn’t worry about what others think. A cascade of showy prints, a plethora of vintage, off-kilter accessories, cuts and fabrics melting together in new ways… The entirety of it superposed within a hysterical equilibrium. This is the formula for Gucci Cruise 2017.

“I like English aesthetics, their way of mixing things that don’t go together at all. Fashion for me is a sort of huge chemistry experiment, and the British are great at this game. It inspires me a lot and corresponds with my vision of fashion, that’s why I decided to have the runway in London. It’s not a “fashionable” city but a fashion city, where every wardrobe invention goes through ordinary people on the streets. This is what fashion really means to me,” announced Michele. It’s without a doubt for this reason that one of the most essential pieces in the collection is the one that best captures this idea: a tuxedo engraved with a silvery-colored brocard. This glam silhouette is meant to be enjoyed no holds barred.

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