Gommino Tod’s Celebrates Family with Chiara Ferragni

Gommino Tod’s Celebrates Family with Chiara Ferragni

The iconic Gommino Tod’s celebrates family and transmission, values dear to the Tod’s House that, for the occasion, brings Chiara Ferragni and her family together around the Tod’s Generation project.

Tod’s Generation: Spikes, Moccasins And The New Gommino Bag

With Tod’s Generation, the house of Diego Della Valle places the mythical Gommino in the red thread of a project focused on family transmission! A true icon of Italian style, the Gommino has been shoeing the brightest personalities since the 1980s. And if this shoe with 133 spikes resists fashions and time, it is because it is cut in an expertise itself inherited.

Diego Della Valle has indeed drawn from the craftsmanship of his native region of Marches the aesthetics and the impeccable workmanship of the leather that makes the nobility and chic of Gommino Tod’s.

In 2022, Chiara Ferragni and her family come to embody these values of transmission. Tod’s company describes their involvement in the Tod’s Generation project as follows: “Chiara and her family – her mother Marina, her sisters Valentina and Francesca – are the protagonists of Tod’s Generations and perfectly personify these founding values of the Italian lifestyle for the new generations of the world.

Through a history that documents intimate moments, gestures and encounters in the daily lives of two generations of women, Tod’s Generations expresses its full belonging to Italian culture and heritage, emphasizing family values.”

Staged in a typical Italian villa, nestled around the grandiose Lake Como, the countryside puts in perspective the iconic moccasin Gommino and the new bag Gommino. They are elegant and pop pieces horned by spikes (signature Tod’s) which reveal a new facet of their aesthetics!

Timeless pieces, which are coupled with a vocation to solidarity… Chiara Ferragni explains: “Il Gommino is one of the icons of the Italian style, I remember it since my childhood, and I like the idea that it is a timeless classic that is transmitted from generation to generation”. In addition, it is the muse herself that alongside Tod’s decided to make a donation to the association “I Bambini delle Fate”, a non-profit organization that supports the education of families with autistic children or other disabilities…