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“Chanel is turning a new page in their story. A new name. A new flask. A new perfume. A new territory of expression and inspiration.” This is how Chanel introduced their brand new perfume weeks earlier. Gabrielle, the new scent from the house on rue Cambon, is a sunny perfume imagined by Olivier Polge. A bouquet radiates through the heart of the perfume – it’s composed of four white flowers to deliver an olfactory vibration and a bright power. Jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and Grasse tuberose create the scent of Coco Chanel’s liberty, ardor, and strength.

Today, or rather on November 3, the brand released a brand new and exceptional version of the perfume Gabrielle – this perfume is held in a flask that was specially imagined by Baccarat. Perfumers and master glassblowers teamed up to produce an ultra-luxurious limited edition, transforming the bottle into a precious crystal gem. It’s no longer a flask, but a collector’s object, engraved and blown by Baccarat’s master glassmakers.

This is an exceptional edition for an exceptional perfume. Cut like a diamond with a unique breed of savoir-faire, the flask for Gabrielle is adorned with a square tag and topped off with a hand-sealed stopper. Each piece is custom made. Even better, this majestic bottle will only be produced in 24 copies – 24 being a go-to number in the Chanel universe. This flask thus becomes the vessel for the prodigious nectar, the imaginary bouquet, that is the Gabrielle scent.

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