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An olfactory tale, the perfume Gabrielle bears within it the boldness of a name that’s become a household one – Coco Chanel. She was a strong and visionary woman, determined to bend the exaggerated conventions of beauty. Non-conformist in her day, Chanel built her myth on a passion, giving the world a style that was like a lesson in purity. Today, this brand that holds its name high is deciding to give life to this story through the aromas of a brand new perfume – it’s been 15 years since Chanel has released such a marvel. Sunny and bright, the label’s latest addition overflows with an energy like that of a beating heart in motion. For Gabrielle Chanel was first and foremost a woman who battled her way to the top, overcoming all obstacles in her way.

The perfume Gabrielle is a metaphor for Coco’s life. Olivier Polge knows this well – when it comes to Chanel’s scents, you can’t escape talking about flowers. The brand’s nose used extracts of tuberose for this bouquet, the famous flower from Grasse. “For the first time we used a new extract of tuberose. We created a new extract born from a brand new procedure that allows the flower to reveal all its complexity and naturalness.” This is an artificial perfume, as the Mademoiselle would have wanted. Jasmine, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, and tuberose come together within a constructed scent – an artificial perfume where these essences come together to create a new identity.

It’s this identity, this philosophy, that director Ringan Ledwidge wanted to convey with his ad spot: “I wanted to express an emotion: liberation.” What is told here is a race for freedom, Coco’s endless struggle via a young woman incarnated on screen by muse and friend of the brand, Kristen Stewart. Within a warm, stripped down atmosphere, to the tune of the Beyoncé song “Runnin’”, the American actress takes off on a modern quest for femininity with confidence, willpower, and independence. “We deliberately went against the storytelling grain,” explains Thomas Du Pré de Saint-Maure, director-general of Chanel’s creative resources. “We wanted to highlight an emotion that can be captured in a few seconds, conveying a sensation rather than a story. (…) Instead of going back on her life, we chose to put forward her free and rebellious spirit. Today, this quality is in my eyes the most difficult and at the same time the most important to have. Being oneself and being loyal to oneself, that’s what Gabrielle Chanel handed down to us.” This message is now captured within a delicious olfactory essence.

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