FOCUS On White Shirts: 2022 Relevant Icons

FOCUS On White Shirts: 2022 Relevant Icons

White shirts reveal multiple identities: the sort of staple that conveys the wearer’s personality. The white shirt is the absolute minimalist and must-have piece of clothing to keep in our wardrobe. Icon-Icon gathers here the most iconic white shirts from luxury collections.

SPECIAL White Shirts: Focus On This Season’s Pieces

Never stereotyped polymorphous, the aesthetic autonomy of the white shirt allowed it to sail through trends and history. Karl Lagerfeld readily admitted: If you asked me what I wish I had invented in fashion, it would be the white shirt. For me, a shirt is the basis of everything. Everything else comes next.”

The white shirt is a cultural object that, through the 20th century, categorized and uncategorized classes, genres, and styles. Whether associated with a classical style, Grace Kelly, Patti Smith’s poetic revolt, or an androgenic way, the white shirt provides anybody with this dose of sensuality without ever arousing.

More broadly, a chic and sensual piece, the white shirt is an icon of the contemporary wardrobe. It is a piece for which Icon-Icon makes a perfect selection.

This selection opens with Dior’s white shirt, an iconic piece of the house.

As an icon piece of the Dior Menswear repertoire, she rocked with incredible ease in womenswear collections. In 2022, Maria Grazia Chuiri exported her figure in a refined way. In cotton poplin, it presents a short and puffy cut that, offset by its pointed collar, is signed with all the Dior skill and excellence. Signed, too, the bee symbol of the house of Avenue Montaigne.


This Fall/Winter 2022 season witnesses the Chanel house toiling one of Coco Chanel’s favorite pieces around a velvet cotton poplin blouse. A white shirt that breathes and distills the power of Chanel graphics. Let us focus on Charlotte Casiraghi in the season’s ethereal countryside—shot by photographer SMITH, and staged under a Chanel tweed suit.


Interpreting this classic of elegance without genre, Muccia Prada and Raf Simons sign this Autumn/Winter 2022 season with a resolutely contemporary blouse made out of poplin. An essentialist piece that prides itself on the Prada logo, in velvet.


A slightly more pop version at Miu Miu offers another window into the aesthetic vision of the Prada house.
Within the collections of Italian houses, Alessandro Michele signs this season a white shirt as the contemporary expression of the must-have. A «shirt dressed in cotton poplin with ribbed pleats at the front» to take the house back to the double G.


The Louis Vuitton house has a timeless signature—a white shirt that breathes around flawless pleats, and a monogram print that has become a pop icon.


Celine offers a shirt with striking smoothness. With Hedi Slimane, known for having reinvented the Dior Menswear line in the early 2000s, at the artistic direction, the house offers here a shirt with the Drugstore collar. An obvious reference to the groovy chic of Paris in the 70s.


At Balenciaga, the white shirt finds its place within this special with a reinvention in the rules of art. A twisted white shirt, with a traditional look but with double reading. Tangent sleeves, and a double B window-dressing logo on off-white viscose jacquard.


After reinventing the white shirt for the menswear line at Louis Vuitton, Kim Jones shows all the panache of a long sleeve corset shirt!


John Galliano at Margiela offers a revolution of the mythical Oxford Shirt. In organic cotton, it has a buttoned collar and a classic button placket. It is a fluid and sensual version of the icon, cast in an impeccable line.


Matthieu Blazy, recently appointed to Bottega Veneta opened his Fall/Winter 2022 season with essential but startling garments in their materials. Here, the flagship piece of the season’s wardrobe is composed of Compact Cotton canvas. A white shirt that reveals from the back, a rare design, chic at will!

© Bottega Veneta

You can find the perfect white shirt in the collections of the Antwerp Six. Ann Demeulemeester’s signature figure, poet and sensual, has always been in the white shirt. Toiled every season, it is offered here in an Elizabethan version with a slightly elongated collar.

© Ann Demeulemeester

Dries Van Noten, known for his love of beautiful fabrics and mixtures of genres that achieve harmony, gives himself to offer this season an oversized white shirt with embroidery detail Delfts Blauw.

© Dries Van Noten

As a great figure for decades, Agnès B decrypts this staple while removing insecurities. “The white shirt is one of the house’s must-haves. Available in many shapes and materials, the white shirt is synonymous with elegance and womanliness, according to Agnès B. The collar shirt, inspired by the working garment, or the wrap-over shirt are also emblematic pieces of the designer” notes the house.


Finally, this focus on white shirts closes with the Oxford Shirt by Ralph Lauren. The expression of preppy style blending in a classic piece, and the simplicity of gloves.

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