FOCUS On Beluga Caviar: The finest of Russia’s specialty

FOCUS On Beluga Caviar: The finest of Russia’s specialty

Beluga Caviar is part of the most sought-after dishes of all time and the scarcest. Icon-Icon introduces a selection of the finest Beluga caviars, those delightful dishes to taste to your heart’s content.

SPECIAL Caviar: Which one should you choose?

Scarcity goes with renown, and renown goes with prestige. Needless to say that this applies to caviar. As a living fossil, sturgeon gives humanity one of its most extraordinary dishes. Living in salty waters for more than 200 million years, caviar was consumed in Ancient Egypt and then in Ancient Greece before becoming the prerogative of the Persians and Tsarist Russia.

On the other hand, Beluga caviar is nowadays, considered one of the most desired caviars. It is composed of beluga sturgeon Huso huso’s egg! Icon-Icon brings together the most expressive Beluga caviars of this sea treasure.

Let us start with the Beluga Reserve of Kaviari, that is to say, the fruit of Kaviari’s know-how. This caviar comes from a rare beluga species and belongs to high gastronomy, distinguishable by large steel grey eggs.


Caviar Kaspia takes you into a legendary and quiet universe in which one of the oldest dishes puts on a performance. Ever since 1927, Kaspia has been distilling all of the inherent art of living to the delight of caviar.

In the wake of what Marcel Proust called a «charming invasion», Arcady Fixon will introduce the art of caviar in Paris. In this selection, which brings together the most acceptable Beluga caviar, we naturally find the Kaspia Beluga Reserve Caviar. That is to say, fine caviar whose know-how is linked to its founder. Kaspia, one of the world’s leading places for caviar culture, offers the embodiment of this unusual setting!


Huso Huso sturgeon is not utilized for the Beluga Reserve caviar but also for the Beluga Royal range. Kaspia selects large eggs for a meltingly soft taste in the mouth. This long-lasting caviar brings on the palate notes of slightly buttered almonds.


The other great name that makes the art of living around caviar resonate worldwide is none other than Petrossian. The pioneering house sources the eggs of scarce beluga species in order to deliver the finest of caviar. Among their range, the Beluga Spécial Réserve caviar reveals itself as a divine dish!


However, it is not the only one in their range to stand out. The Beluga Imperial Tsar caviar is one of the house’s best-sellers. According to the house, it is composed of large pearl-grey grains and owns a great balance and delicate gooey texture. Its buttery, nutty and fresh egg flavors have a long-lasting stay in the mouth.


As a leader in French caviar production, Sturia is undoubtedly the most exquisite expression of its know-how. With Beluga caviar, Sturia goes for no-frills: its caviar is extracted from the exclusive Huso Huso sturgeon production… that is to say, ecstasy slipped into a frosted tin!

Le choix de l’espèce Vintage Osciètre brandé

This selection continues with French caviar, of which the Caviar Beluga Réserve is the most exquisite – the Caviar de Neuvic house offers to taste the ultimate of this simply exceptional dish. Indeed, the best grains are gathered in this noble reserve!


Maison Nordique came up with Caviar Beluga, exquisite caviar produced with outstanding know-how. Indeed, the manufacturing process required twenty years of farming to extract these exceptional eggs.


Here is another Beluga caviar that reveals the scarcity of this key element of international gastronomy. The House of Caviar with Bulgarian Beluga Caviar stores in a steel box caviar worked for 20 years. Throughout that time period, the Huso sturgeon fish is raised with patience to harvest these eggs similar to ambrosia! A delicacy, therefore, produced by the famous Maison du Caviar.


Calvisius draws the excellence of its caviar from the pure water of the Pô region, where the house erects. One of the world’s most exquisite dishes uncovers a scarce, intense, and flavorful freshness on the palate.


The most precious of caviars allows its brilliance to delight the palate – Astara offers extremely fine and delicate caviar here!


Here are so many houses offering a new taste of one of the most exquisite dishes in the galaxy. Caviar, this ancient delicacy, reveals all its history here.

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