Ferrari Red? Revolutionary Cars

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Ferrari Red? Revolutionary Cars

The team that has long since been the queen of F1 hides behind its iconic red hood a multitude of stories – beginning by luxury. 

“Ferrari, put on your machines my son’s ‘Cavalino Rampante’. It will bring you luck”. Not only did these word from the Countess Paolina Baracca accompany the destiny of the Ferrari stable, Enzo Ferrari was also there to hear them. Forever passionate about races and cars, the man behind the most prestigious stable in the world left an indelible mark on the world of cars. But also on popular culture. 

Why is the Ferrari Logo Yellow? 

It is because the founder completed the horse figure on a canary yellow rectangle, emblem of his natal town Modena in Italy. Visible from a distance, the signature carries the vivacity of the Ferrari cars. These are capable of wonders, from their first stirs. 

In 1948, Enzo Ferrari is approaching his legendary status when he is looking to produce grand turismo cars to finance his ambition for racing. The Ferrari 166 is thus the first Ferrari car to blend performance, creativity and aesthetics. For Enzo Ferrari, a beautiful car is also a matter of performance. 

With the Carrozzeria Touring he created the Ferrari 166. On the Mille Miglia circuit – at the wheel Clemente Biondetti, assisted by Giuseppe Navone – the Ferrari 166 would come first. A year later, it received the mythic 24 Heures du Mans. And like those that would follow, the Ferrari was red. Not surprising when we learn that colours were imposed in competitions. Blue for French cars, green for English… Red was then reserved for Ferraris, Italian. 

Ferraris Are the Most Powerful, the Most Reliable Too 

With the 250 GT California Spyder, Ferrari offered a jewel of power and design! All the luxury of Italy dresses up and lives in this 1950s car – meant to be a resolutely sporty cabriolet. 

The 250 GT California Spyder is conceived as the ideal cabriolet for a clientele flying on Californian roads. Sporty design and racing performance, the Italian Ferrari luxury goes deep into the details.. In 1959 the car gained its reputation as a small speedster until the day it shone to fifth place on the 24 Heures du Mans, in its lighter form. It is cinema that would make the Spyder a legend. 

In 1986, star of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, the 250 GT California Spyder became the most appreciated Ferrari in history. A Ferrari that takes its power from a V12 3.0 motor of 240 horsepower. 

The World’s Most Beautiful Cars: The Ferrari Daytona and Testarossa

1968. When the Salon de l’automobile in Paris hosted an unconventional car – a Ferrari with a wild allure that looked ready to jump at any moment. 

Absolute classic of postwar GT design, the Daytona distills all the charm of its time; the “Kamm” tail fastback capturing the well thought out detail! But above its physique, it is power that is put at the heart of the car and pushed even further the standard of cars. 

In honour of the refined and modern luxury of the studio Pininfarina, Enzo Ferrari decided to elaborate a very special V12 4,4 l motor – propelled by six dual barrel carburettors Weber 40 mm, the motor distilled 352 horse to achieve close to 300 km / h. 

However it is the 1984 Testarossa that succeeded in giving Ferrari the most iconic of cars. It must be said that few cars are as well known as the Testarossa – it was THE car of the 1980s decade. 

The Testarossa is a true popular icon, present in no less than 16 films, of which “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Miami Vice”, the Testarossa is the symbol of success. Luxury and distinction. 

Its glorious mechanic, classic and revolutionary allure, the Testarossa owes them all to the brushstrokes of the Italian designer Pininfarina. In italian, Testarossa means red cylinder head – and that is exactly what holds the feline elegance of this car. 

Ferrari and Michael Schumacher 

What would Ferrari be without its champions? The influence of the German pilot Schumacher guided Ferrari towards the creation of a car that would meet the demands of F1: the Ferrari 458. 

The dashboard, suspension settings and “Soft” mode all directly emanate with the influence of Schumacher.. “Synthesis of creativity, passion, style and technological innovation” It is by these words that the prestigious stable introduced its new car in 2009. It must be said that the Ferrari 458 has all the charm of an era – to start with the atmospheric V8 motor that inhabits it. 

550 horsepower under the hood! A technological prowess, the Ferrari 458 dazzles through its design. A masterpiece evidently signed Pininfarina.. Beauty aligned to performance – a motor that also vows to the Schmuacher-Ferrari tandem to reign over the F1 between 2000 and 2004. But that, is another story.