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In 2014, Dior launched its first mascara base serum which offered longer, more voluminous lashes in a flash. Today, the brand is revisiting its product to bring out even more chic and decadence. Developed starting with the “Pure White TM” complex, the base instantly reveals the color of the lashes and coats them with a film that’s both dense and airy. The mascara’s effects are thus multiplied by 3, making for a profound and sensual gaze bolstered by strong lashes. With repeated applications, they become even more supple and longer to take on all new dimensions. Stronger then ever, they’ll envelop your gaze with an unmatched intensity. Perfectly curved, they create a graphic and hypnotizing effect for a refined and ultra-feminine look.

For Peter Philips, creative director at Dior, “We’re going to the next level with Diorshow Maximizer. Not only does it improve volume and length, but it also highlights the color of the mascara you put on afterwards. You get triple the length and triple the volume for lashes that are all the more generous.” The supple applier brush allows for optimal application. Smooth and free of lumps, the gaze is bound to be natural and full of energy. For a more immediate “retro” look, use Diorshow Maximizer 3D every day before your mascara. If you’re looking for a profound change that takes place day after day, apply it as a mask. For an enrapturing gaze, complete your makeup repertoire with Diorshow Designer…

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