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Secret, rare, and prestigious, Monsieur Dior’s couture spirit is today recalled to revive a brand new makeup collection. Imagined by Peter Philips, the artist behind Dior’s makeup imagery, this collection exceptionally synchronizes couture craftsmanship with a stunning palette. The result: a Christmas collection that offers a quintessential Dior look – Splendor. Splendor is Diorific Matte Fluid, Diorific lipstick, Diorific nail polish, Diorshow mono fusion, and Dior Splendor blush. The lipsticks make for a couture mouth – matte and well-nourished, they express a sophisticated and flamboyant femininity.

This beauty in perpetual movement, liberated and festive, is the spirit of the Splendor collection – there are marvels and stars aplenty in this edition of Splendor. Just like an artisan, Peter Philips transposes the virtuosity of Dior’s workshops into a burst of sequins. This femininity becomes sophisticated through a dazzling color palette – like Gold Diorific eyeshadow. For the first time, the Vermont workshop, artistic embroiderer and privileged partner of Dior, is bringing its craftsmanship to makeup. This is how the synergy between couture and beauty is revealed in a golden compact embossed with the famous Dior motif and embroidered with gold sequin adornments. With their exceptional texture, these bursts of gold enrapture the skin and can be placed on the cheekbones or the bust.

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