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Fall 2016. The beauty of Dior starts with a celebration of the woman who embodies it. On a sublime quest for experimentation, she moulds and animates her gaze upon contact with fall shades where icy beiges, rich browns and coppery pinks crown the virtuosity of her features. The ultimate in chic from the house on Avenue Montaigne, the Skyline collection is today incarnating the architectural look of a little Miss Parisienne, inspired by the towering heights of the Eiffel Tower itself.

“In Paris, at the heart of the city, is an icon that defies the sky, with an architecture that’s solid, light and transparent all at once. It dominates the capital and is visible from far away: the Eiffel Tower. The Skyline collection echoes this architectural masterpiece by focusing on luminance and a head-turning transparency, the very definition of elegance” says Peter Philips. No fewer than 10 different makeups compose this new collection.

It’s no accident then that the artist playfully reused the Eiffel Tower’s metallic structure to create a chiseled mesh that borrows the light and contrasts of the Parisian sky to beautify both foundation and eyes. The Palette Architecte, a Skyline limited edition made of 5 colors, from steel grey to pure blue or pink, proves an indispensable tool of elegance.

For a contrasted gaze, Dior cosmetics also revisited the DiorShow Pro Liner – what with its bevelled calligraphy inspiration. This makes for a line traced just above the lashes, where an effervescent grey-bronze tonality awakens the iris. Using techniques from makeup artists, the Flash Luminizer style expert acts like a projector and, in one blink of an eye, chases away signs of fatigue to touch up dark zones.

But the greatest feat in the new Skyline collection lies in the latest backstage addition: Fit-It Colour, an instant color corrector that enriches and gives a ‘soft focus’ textured filter and color to the skin. As a foundation, or for the eyes or mouth, this filter neutralizes and dissipates imperfections to magnify a Dior woman with all the charm of the color trends being offered by the brand this fall.

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