Delsey Paris 2022: A New Campaign in Motion

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Delsey Paris 2022: A New Campaign in Motion

In 2022, Delsey Paris is taking its luggage and heritage on a round-the-world campaign… From New Zealand to Brooklyn, New York!

Delsey Paris 2022: Travelling with a Free Spirit

Since its foundation in 1946, Delsey has been able to anticipate and accompany the needs and desires of individuals on the move. And while the year 2022 is already considered to be the year of the return to travel, Delsey Paris is offering itself a campaign in line with its heritage.

“Because we travel better with a free spirit, DELSEY PARIS innovates every day in all its creations to promote freedom of movement and fluid travel, by developing durable and secure luggage and accessories with a French design”, says Delsey Paris, the company behind many of these innovations.

We all know about Delsey’s iconic suitcase, the Châtelet Air suitcase… What is less well known is that Delsey Paris is behind nearly 230 patents and registered designs.

And in particular the trolley suitcase and the SECURITECH® zip – two crucial elements in contemporary travel.

Delsey Paris suitcases

So to underline its commitment to travel and tourism, Delsey embeds its icons in a campaign mainly shot in New Zealand – home of the campaign’s art director.

And it’s a campaign that speaks of freedom, adventure and the exploration of wide open spaces and virgin lands that anchors Delsey Paris in a new approach.

Delsey Paris suitcases

Far from destinations that have been seen and seen again, Delsey Paris calls for travel as a reconnection to nature and the elements. By emphasising its core values of respect for heritage, innovation, trust, authenticity and aesthetics, Delsey offers luggage that is as refined as it is technical.

“Since its inception, aesthetics have been at the heart of the brand’s design process. With an integrated design studio based in Paris, the birthplace of the brand, it is recognised for the French elegance of its product lines, which have made it a success in France and internationally.

Indeed, very inspired by Paris and its different facets, the brand is known for its chic and refined, joyful or original ranges, and for its contemporary and timeless design” concludes the company.

A new approach for a contemporary world that calls for a rethinking of travel as an encounter rather than a displacement.