Deirdre Dyson Inaugurates her Parisian Gallery

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Deirdre Dyson Inaugurates her Parisian Gallery

Lady Deirdre Dyson now has her Parisian space where to exhibit her eminently inspired – eminently contemporary tailor-made rugs.

Deirdre Dyson Inaugurates Its Parisian Gallery In Saint-Germain-Des-Prés

For once, it’s in Saint-Germain-des-Prés that the artist-turned-designer Lady Deirdre Dyson inaugurated her first Parisian gallery – the second after that of London.

Deirdre Dyson, Uncommon Rugs

Lady Deirdre Dyson accidentally got started with inspired carpet design. Twenty years ago, as she scoured London boutiques in search of the perfect rug for her interior, Lady Deirdre Dyson was disappointed to find nothing to her liking. It was then that she stumbled across a manufacturer’s store. In addition to offering her to make her custom-made rug, he offered her the possibility of designing it, as she dreamed of!

Seduced by the result, the manufacturer then offered to become her partner. Thus, Deirdre Dyson rugs were born.

Using luxurious materials, Deirdre Dyson rugs are backed by an ancient technique – hand-knotted in Nepal by Tibetan experts. Responding each year to a specific inspiration, Deirdre Dyson rugs are then carved like so many works of art dedicated to sublimating interiors.

But Lady Deirdre Dyson knows the importance of tailoring. This is why their collection is deployed to order around a palette of more than 5000 colors, using exclusively natural materials – wool, silk or a combination of both.

Thus, guided by her instinct for more than twenty years, Lady Deirdre Dyson has made her first inspiration the foundation of real pieces of design. Pieces which, until today, were only visible in their case in the Chelsea gallery in London.

Deirdre Dyson, The Rue des Saints-Pères Gallery

To let her creations shine by themselves, Lady Deirdre Dyson has carved out her new gallery on Rue de Saints-Pères in sobriety and elegance.

The front combines the gray and gold of the Deirdre Dyson logo. But it is inside that the calm sparkles in the hollow of a vaulted cellar. These stones, from floor to ceiling, transport in a serene atmosphere, that of Deirdre Dyson creations.

A subtle magic that finds an obviously creative echo in the latest collection of Deirdre Dyson rugs. Called “Looking Glass”, these rugs play with transparency and color to give life to unique interiors. Necessarily tailor-made. A gallery like a showcase for Deirdre Dyson’s sincere creativity.

To visit without delay, the gallery is situated on 12 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75007.