Cruise Collection 2017: The Bikini Cut-Out Cone Dress By Louis Vuitton

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The Cruise collection is a trying tie for any designer and has been so ever since its initial creation in 1920. Far from being a naive or pernicious export of European ideas to the four corners of the Earth, the Cruise runway is au contraire the perfect occasion to incorporate cultural essence, with the place and time of the show itself. This is how a brand like Louis Vuitton is able to layover in Brazil and successfully take on the spirit and curves of the Niterói Museum of Contemporary Art imagined by architect Oscar Niemeyer to bring Nicolas Ghesquière to the peak of his game.

This resolutely futurist flying saucer structure that looks like a UFO that landed on a Brazilian beach drove Louis Vuitton’s line forward. Indeed, what would Rio be without its beaches, bikinis, and tropical colors? This is how the Louis Vuitton silhouette became science-fictional, tinged with an avant-garde tailoring à la Ghesquière.

These small suede dresses with a neo bikini cut-out adhere to the rule РA line, suede, and military-style pockets. The Ghesqui̬re equation is able to grace new mainstays in the Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear wardrobe. Khaki, black, yellow, and camel melt into a poignant graphicness while the conic cut-outs flirt with stylish sensuality. On her arm, the new Louis Vuitton beauty boasts a larger tropical colored Speedy Рa symphony of on point color and design!

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