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19 Michelin stars and counting – Alain Ducasse is today at the head of over 20 restaurants around the world, three of which are triple-starred. In Monaco, Paris, and London, his curiosity knows no bounds. Indeed, the world inspires him and imbues him with its cultural richness. Alain Ducasse is no doubt conscious of the evolution of alimentation and the fact that the world is shrinking each day, so much so that it can now fit in your plate. That’s why this chef decided to begin creating a cuisine with more adequate proportions – say goodbye to the vegetable as a mere accompaniment, since meat no longer occupies the place of honor in Ducasse’s dishes.

More respectful than ever for the circle of life, this chef demands respect for the seasons and accompanies their movement with energy and creativity. “Meat has the daubière. For a long time, I’ve sought to conceive an equivalent for vegetables.” It’s alongside designer Pierre Tachon that he thus imagined and created a porcelain pot, both contemporary and nostalgic, that’s inspired by that of a farmer and equipped with a lid for a softer stewed cooking. Alain Ducasse’s Cookpot incarnates all of this desire.

A promising tool for kitchens around the world, the Cookpot owes its attractive curves and perfect proportions to porcelain manufacturer Pillivuyt in the Berry region of France. Balanced and sensible Ducasse’s cuisine definitely is. For him: “Cooking means forcing yourself to give a moment of happiness to your guests.” By attempting to question the codes of luxury hotel restauration, Ducasse has made his dishes less sophisticated in order to turn more towards sustainable gastronomy. This is indeed one fact no one can deny: luxury has to become sustainable.

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