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Rich, an unexpected marriage of a historical champagne with the always on-the-move universe of mixology, is a sweet champagne that’s ideal for mixtures. “It seems to us that it was interesting for the champagne to be able to (…) go into other unexplored universes, which is completely in the spirit of Madame Clicquot,” commented Jean-Marc Gallot, president of Veuve Clicquot. This drink is first and foremost an invitation to enrich the experience of the iconic champagne and rediscover it. It offers a special kind of pleasure to the one who drinks it, allowing him or her to create their own cocktail and infinitely reinvent champagne.

To describe this unique experience that is the art of perfecting Rich through a cocktail, Veuve Clicquot invented “Clicquology”. The brand gives this word a simple definition: “perfect service”. The champagne can be tasted with ice cubes that fill up a large wineglass. Then the desired ingredient is added: fruit, tea, vegetables, spices… the possibilities are endless. The last step is to pour in the sparkling beverage and let its magic go to work. The brand explains the three steps of this ritual on the bottle’s label and offers three types of recipes for each of Rich’s two versions: one fruity, one fresh, and one elegant.

The idea to launch Rich came from an observation: “We realized that (…) our clients, the consumers, liked to pair champagne with other ingredients. Our wines (…), for example the brut carte jaune, were being used to make cocktails even though it’s not a champagne (…) made for that. We thus wanted to accompany this work of mixology (…) by creating a champagne dedicated to the world of cocktails,” explains Dominique Demarville, the brand’s chef de cave. To create this collection that saw a rosé version added to it in June 2016, Clicquot collaborated with professional mixologists. They helped Veuve Clicquot conceive a dosed wine that was sweeter than traditional champagne; this concentration allows the flavors to reveal themselves and to preserve the champagne’s quality when diluting it with ice cubes. It also offers numerous mixing possibilities. Rich brings a breath of fresh air to the world of champagne and is today allowing us to not have to make a choice between the two festive beverages that are champagne and cocktails. This beverage is uncompromising and calls us to explore the infinite taste possibilities of Rich.


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