Chinese New Year: Reimagining Dior classics

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Chinese New Year: Reimagining Dior classics

Dior is releasing a limited and very floral version of their classics in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Chinese New Year: Floral Dior classics

The celebration of the Chinese New Year on the 1st of February 2022, has given the House of Dior the opportunity to create new and original versions of their classic pieces!

As Christian Dior was an expert astrologer, trusting his destiny and turning to cards and the stars from time to time, it is only natural that the house of Dior utilises the Lunar New Year as a main source inspiration for its creations.

To celebrate Chinese cosmogony and the special occasion of the Chinese New Year, Maria Grazia Chuiri drew inspiration from nature to amplify the Dior classics.

In this capsule collection, we find a series of ready-to-wear pieces, jewellery and accessories covered with the delicate butterfly motif with soft and vibrant colours. A poetic and dreamy design, like a garden in bloom, which is all the more captivating on the classic Lady Dior and Saddle bags. Lady Dior, and Saddle.

Celebrating nature and its magnificent power, pieces that have forever made their mark on the history of fashion and luxury since their release have been reinvented. The new Dior desire pieces are available now.

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