Chanel’s Beauty Campaign with Diane Kruger as a Muse

Not longer after being paired with the perfect “Little Black Dress” through the lens of Kaiser Lagerfeld for an eponymous book, the German actress is now becoming the beauty ambassador for this label, who’s argument for its Resynchronisation care line is just as unambiguous as Kruger’s beauty. Made of three synced creams, Le JourLa Nuit, and Le Weekend, it’s meant to restore fatigued complexions. Instead of camouflaging them, this cream leaves the skin neutral after daily aggressions, leaving beauty to bloom where not expected. In the ad spot, Diane Kruger is invited to chat about this spirit of life that is beauty and affirms: “I think that Chanel tries a different approach to skincare, obviously very scientific but they’re products that are adapted to a woman of today.”

The woman of today that she incarnates for Chanel is no holds barred, even though Gabrielle imagined her as subtle, free, and cultivated. After releasing a video entitled Where Beauty Begins, where her natural elegance alone is enough to incite our desire for the products, the rue Cambon brand is now presenting the first photos from the campaign. Her shoulder bare, an enchanting gaze, Kruger is at the forefront and is disarmingly sensual for La Nuit. The staging is repeated with a beach background for Le Weekend, where her face harmoniously gleams. Her smooth, flawless complexion reminds us that accepting oneself means perfecting oneself, regardless of the time that passes, since that’s not where true beauty lies. “It’s an inner feeling, a promise of confidence. Where beauty begins.”

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