Chanel Quilted: A Chic Signature

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Chanel Quilted: A Chic Signature

And iconic! The quilted Chanel demonstrates once again the creative force of Gabrielle Chanel. It is her aesthetic eye that knows how to capture the elegance potential of a groom’s jacket.

Horse Racing And Chanel Quilted

If the quilted appears for the first time on the legendary 2.55 bag, Coco Chanel had surely had it in mind for a long time already. His big love, Boy Capel, being a polo player, Coco has long rubbed shoulders with racetracks. It may have been there that she noticed the typical groom jacket – a quilted jacket.

As was the case with the little black jacket seen on the elevator of a hotel in Salzburg, Coco has once again elevated the ordinary to the rank of a luxury item.

In 1955, the quilts entered the repertoire of the house Chanel. Once sewn, the pattern conferring exemplary volume and solidity, Chanel decided to make a bag of it.

Unable to be deformed thanks to its interlocking seams, the quilted fabric offers Chanel the leisure to use its favorite materials – jersey and tweed  first!

Therefore, there is a specially designed machine that achieves it – a machine perfected for only quilted items, that it constitutes an absolute secret. Only Chanel workshops have them.

And Karl Lagerfeld demonstrates all the panache in the 1991 collection, the first to reinstate the quilted in an allured form!

The Quilted, Chic And Graphic Seal

The field of cosmetics is no exception. The iconic eyeshadow palettes are padded, for an aesthetic rendering that perfectly respects the elegance and codes of the house.

High Jewelry either. The diamonds shrink and adorn themselves with the most precious metals, once applied to pieces of jewelry, and Haute Horlogerie.

A Chanel jewelry collection is therefore entirely dedicated to the quilted motif. Sculpted in pure gold, it gives birth to a series of rings and a cuff with generous and feminine lines.

Borrowed with racy simplicity, in a radical spirit and finely engraved in white or yellow gold, the Coco Crush collection falls in love with modern values. A refinement that makes the visual signature of the 2.55 bag a graphic chic pattern. “Elegance is the line” indeed liked to remind Coco Chanel.