Chanel Icons Inspire Aphorisms for the Latest Campaign

In 2018, Chanel will turn the rules of advertising upside down by bringing out a subtle campaign that’s full of humor; a campaign built on a number of Gabrielle’s aphorisms. Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, the brand’s creative director, admits that he dug into the heritage behind the person that was Coco with a desire to highlight “that the idea of accomplishment, of freedom, of autonomy, starts first and foremost with the decision to be in control of your own life – just like Gabrielle Chanel was.”

From December 19th to the 25th, the spirit of Chanel will be on display in the Paris metro through a campaign composed of nine posters – the stars are the brand’s key products. Lipstick and a compact, the legendary N°5 and its more contemporary version, Gabrielle perfume, these slogans, all bearers of good resolutions, are also imbued with a touch of humor. It seems as if Chanel is seeking to reconcile mind and object, use and intellect, in a campaign with an artistic signature and iconic graphics.

“Live off of life and water (N°5 L’Eau)”. “Take things in your own hands (La Crème Main)”. “Call things by their name (Gabrielle perfume)”. “Makeup your weaknesses (never your emotions)”. These are all small nods that invite us to control our own destiny, albeit with a light, casual, and subtle tone. This series of pleasant interjections give a healthy dose of humor as well. In 2018, dare to be different!

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