Chanel Goes To Conquer The Moon

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Chanel Goes To Conquer The Moon

A new and inspired campaigned puts forward the latest novelties of the Haute Joaillerie collection – or when the Camelia flies off for a celestial daydream. 

Coco’s Jewels On the Moon 

After literally taking off a rocket during the Autumn/Winter 2017 show under the nave of the Grand Palais, Chanel returns to its desire for celestial escapades. This new Haute Joaillerie collection is also highly inspired – spotlight on the iconic Camellia, the line distills Chanel distinction around a novel play around adornments. 

“My (jewels) are supple and unmountable. […] The set can be dismantled and used patterned around a hat or fur. Thus an ornament is not longer an immutable thing. Life transforms it and submits it to its needs”. Coco’s words resonate especially with this new collection because, for the second time, Chanel creates with the idea of a changeable jewel in mind. 

After imagining last year a collection where the Camellia would pass leisurely from sautoir to brooch to being the most chic hair accessory in the galaxy … now the collection imagines Chanel’s favourite flower as a convertible jewel. 

The Double Chanel Ring 

The three-Camellia buttoned ring, cast in pink gold and diamonds transforms as so…Worn on one or two fingers, so much so that the ring folds on itself. True innovation in the Chanel style, the new Haute Joaillerie collection offer a very poetic reading of the Chanel icons. 

Speaking of icons, the Première Rock watch is here introduced in Pink Blossom – an evergreen that flirts with the imagination. In fact, the short film that introduces the new collection is itself a well-sculpted narrative. 

In an elevator bound for the Moon, four strangers meet, enjoy each other and finally enjoy the journey; slowed down. And since the journey is more important than the destination, we might as well spend it in a warm but chic atmosphere – eminently Chanel. To discover here