Chanel : A New Jewelry Collection Transports Us To The “Café Society”

Indeed, this new collection is in some ways an homage to the legendary creator of Chanel, through the eclecticism and the audacity that characterize the collection’s different themes. They all bear evocative names like “Charleston”, “Broadway”, or “Morning in Vendôme”, all of which are cultural references tied to the “Café Society” a literary and artistic wave that appeared at the end of the 20s.

The 14 themes that compose this collection bring you on a journey through the past and the present, in the company of “Café Society” members like Jean Cocteau, Stravinsky, and Picasso. In the shadow of these characters, the most talented of their day, the “Café Society” imposes a way of celebrating the fragile splendor of the moment each day, a splendor that is magnificently translated into this collection that contains this little touch of artistic madness that characterized Coco Chanel and her creations so well.

Each theme allows you to discover a universe and a style unique to the social and artistic adventures of the “Café Society”’s protagonists. The “Bubbles” creations translate a movement, a veritable poetic round, with the superposition of Onyx squares on circular compositions.

In this new jewelry collection, a new aesthetic language and a look that is emancipated from the codes and weight of tradition can be found, just like the “Café Society” of days gone by.

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